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Gregory Crenshaw, Crenshaw’s Chicken and Waffles
December 13
You might say Gregory Crenshaw was destined to open a restaurant serving chicken and waffles. The famous restaurant Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles is located just outside the Crenshaw neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.
Larry Stitts, Golden Cup Coffee
December 1
Selling coffee was the last thing on Larry Stitts' mind when he took a trip to Africa to set up Buffalo's sister city in Cameroon. There, Stitts became good friends with the mayor, who was also a farmer, who suggested he open a coffee shop.
Ford ASSET logo
September 19
The Ford ASSET track is a national Ford program, but SUNY Erie’s is the only one in the region. It offers not only an Automotive Service Technician (A.O.S.) degree upon completion, but also Ford Motor Company certifications that are recognized at Ford and Lincoln dealerships nationwide. Read more about a recent graduate's story.
Dr. Tsegai, Larry White III, Stephen Tucker
August 23
SUNY Erie Community College recently celebrated 86 graduates who earned certificates or associate degrees from the college’s Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering Technology programs taught at Northland Workforce Training Center. The graduates will enter the workforce with in-demand skills, ready for employment in the region’s advanced manufacturing sector.
Maji David-Maji
July 28
Student Success Story: Nigeria native Maji David-Maji found his path to D1 basketball and academic achievement at SUNY Erie