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Transferring from Another College

Students transferring to Erie Community College from another accredited institution of higher education may receive whole or partial credit for courses taken at that institution by requesting an evaluation of transfer credit. To arrange for an evaluation of transfer credit, an official college transcript must first be received by the admissions office. Students can then ask their department advisor to review all prior coursework. (Grades for credits transferred will not be computed into ECC's cumulative quality point average (QPA), and a grade of "C-" or higher must be earned to transfer credit.)

Associate Degree Requirements Summary

A degree candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • formally admitted to the college as a matriculated student
  • satisfactory completion of academic courses as indicated in the degree program of matriculation
  • successfully completed a minimum of 30 semester hours of credit at Erie Community College; acceptance of transfer credits is the prerogative of the academic department of the student's program. (Certificate programs require a minimum of 15 semester hours of credit at Erie Community College.)
  • successfully completed any developmental math and English courses by the time a matriculated student has earned 30 credit hours
  • proficient in algebra at MT 106 level. Individual programs may require higher levels of math proficiency
  • earned GPA of 2.0 or above
  • met all financial obligations to the college and returned all library materials borrowed
  • filed a graduation application form available in the Registrar's Office

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