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Annual Fund

The SUNY Erie Community College Foundation continues to be strongly committed to providing a high quality, affordable education along with the services that support the needs of a diverse student body. You can help by supporting the SUNY Erie Community College Foundation’s Annual Fund. Unrestricted gifts are welcome; these funds allow flexibility for the college to allocate support where the need is greatest. The Fund also allows you to support a part of the college that is important to you. You may choose to donate to a specific department or program or give support to scholarships.

Without our SUNY Erie alumni and friends, it would not be possible for SUNY Erie students to fulfill their dreams.  But with your help, SUNY Erie can continue to provide academic excellence and educational opportunities for all.  

Please consider making your tax-deductible gift today online or by calling 716.851.1990. Your donation will make a difference to student lives for many years to come.

Give to Support our General Needs

Student Emergency Fund

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues we are beginning to realize the true impact the emergency situation is having on our students. For example, we are seeing students unable to make rent and unable to return home to places like New York City. We only expect this need to grow.

Many of you have reached out to see how you can help during this time. Last year, the SUNY Erie Community College Foundation committed $15,000 to provide support for students facing emergency situations on a need to need basis. We are currently utilizing this fund in support of our students, but we are already seeing greater demand. You can support our students by making a donation to the Student Emergency Fund.

Any support you can provide will be deeply appreciated - by us, and more importantly, by the SUNY Erie students who will be helped by your generosity.

Give to the Emergency Fund