For scholarship information, please contact the Foundation Office at (716) 851-1990. Scholarship information is also available at each campus Financial Aid Office. Your FAFSA and HESC applications must be completed for Pell and TAP awards before scholarship applications will be considered.

Many of your questions regarding the new Excelsior Scholarship can be answered at Excelsior Scholarship FAQs.

Scholarships are now open for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

SUNY Erie Foundation Scholarships are now open for students to apply. Complete your General Application now and look for new opportunities to be posted in the next few weeks. Awards to be announced in the spring for 2020-2021 Academic Year distribution.

Scholarship Application

Prepare to Apply for Scholarships

Prepare two short answers, of approximately 250 words each, one describing your educational goals and career aspirations, the other explaining why you feel you should receive a scholarship. It is best to create these documents using Microsoft Word or a similar word editing program, then cut and paste the essay into your application. You may use the English Skills Center to assist you in writing your answers.

Review & Apply for Scholarship Opportunities

Register at ECC Foundation Scholarships by logging in with your ECC username and password and completing the general application. Then select any scholarship opportunities for which you qualify.

Accept Awards and Write Thank You Letters

Awards and denials will be posted on ECC Foundation Scholarships in mid-March. To accept an award, log onto your account and select the appropriate action.

Attend Luncheon

All recipients of awards are requested to attend the Scholarship Luncheon held in April.

For more information:
Christopher Gengo, City Campus
Room 160
(716) 851-1992