Erie Community College Foundation’s Scholarship Opportunities

The Erie Community College Foundation, Inc. presents a diverse number of scholarship opportunities for SUNY Erie students made possible thanks to the generosity of our donors and supporters.

Scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year are now closed.

Scholarship Application


Before You Apply For Scholarships

Prepare two short answers of approximately 250 words each: 

  • One: Share your story of how a scholarship will impact you and why you are the best candidate. 
  • Two: Please describe your educational goals and career aspirations. 

It is best to create these documents using Microsoft Word or a similar word editing program, then cut and paste the essay into your application. You may use the English Skills Center to assist you in writing your answers.

Please note your FAFSA and HESC applications must be completed for Pell and TAP awards before scholarship applications will be considered.

How To Apply for Scholarship Opportunities

1. Register at Foundation Scholarships by logging in with your SUNY Erie username and password.
2. Complete the general application.
3. Then select "Apply to" any scholarship opportunities for which you believe you qualify for. There is no maximum number of scholarships you can apply for. 

Accept Awards and Write Thank You Letters

Awards and denials will be posted on Foundation Scholarships early Fall. You must log on and choose to accept an award or it will be forfeit! To accept an award, log onto your account and select the appropriate action. Check your SUNY Erie email for updates.

Post Acceptance 

You will be prompted online and via email to fill out a virtual card and include a photo of yourself for our presentations. In the Fall we will be holding a luncheon which we ask that you attend. More information will be given to you closer to the event. If you would like to handwrite a thank you to your scholarship donor, we would love to help you with that. We can provide you with thank you cards, envelopes, and we are happy to put them in the mail as well. Please call ahead of your visit. Our office is at 121 Ellicott St. Buffalo NY 14203 RM 160 (Old post office). We will mail it to the donor for you!

Note: Many of your questions regarding the new Excelsior Scholarship can be answered at Excelsior Scholarship FAQs.



How To Create A Scholarship

While all Scholarships benefit SUNY Erie Students, our scholarships are created in two different ways. 

Endowed requires $20,000 donation (the principal) which is then invested. Our 5-year rolling average return on our investments (the interest) is approximately 5%. The interest earnings are removed from our investments annually, and those funds are then given out as scholarships. The principal is never touched.

Donors are able to determine the criteria for who is selected for a scholarship, the value of each scholarship awarded, and if they want multiple to be given out. How the market performs will impact the total interest earned and how much money can be awarded to scholarship applicants. The minimum scholarship being $500.   

The benefit of this type of scholarship is it does not need to be refilled every year! While it can be added to, the principal remains to allow funding of scholarships in perpetuity, as only the interest is spent. It can be a one-time donation that gives out scholarships yearly, or you can continue to grow the principal through annual giving, allowing you to give more scholarships over time. 

Term Scholarship requires a minimum donation of $1,500. In order to keep this scholarship active, a donor will need to donate annually as all the funds are spent. The donor can determine the number awards given from this type of scholarship, and the criteria a recipient must meet, with a minimum scholarship award amount of $500.   

Note: Scholarships break out into awards. For example, if a scholarship has $1,500 to be given away, it could be given out as 1 award at $1,500, 2 awards at $1,000 and $500, or 3 awards at $500 each. Each award goes to a student. 

For more information:
Megan Secor, City Campus
Room 160
(716) 851-1990