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2014-15 Financial Aid Forms
(Return all completed forms to your campus Financial Aid Office unless otherwise noted below.)

In order to check for any uncompleted documents,
please read the My Documents Instruction Sheet.

  • Aid for Part-time Study (Application and Instructions) - This (APTS) application is for New York State residents attending part-time (3 to 11.5 credits hours).
  • Asset Information - This form is used to clarify student and/or parent assets reported on or missing from the FAFSA.
  • Dependency Override Appeal - This form allows students who do NOT meet criteria for being independent for federal aid purposes to request an override of their dependency status based on extraordinary circumstances.
  • Direct Loans
    • Direct Loan Request/Adjustment Form - Once FAFSA results have been received by the College, you will automatically be packaged for a Direct Loan if you will not have enough grant eligibility to cover your tuition and fees. Upon receipt of your 2013-14 award letter, you will have the opportunity to accept your loan offer on WebAdvisor. Complete and submit this form only if you wish to increase, decrease, or would like a federal Direct Loan for 2013-2014 and have not already been awarded one.
    • Federal Direct PLUS Loan - This form is used by parents to request a PLUS (parent) loan.
  • Emergency Loans - This form is used to apply for a one-time-only emergency loan as an advance against awarded financial aid funds as a temporary solution to assist with the cost of education.
  • FAFSA on the Web Worksheet - This worksheet is designed to assist students and families with filing their FAFSA online using the FAFSA on the Web site. Do not submit this form to the Financial Aid Office.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress - All students receiving financial aid must meet minimum academic requirements.
  • Special Condition Appeal - This form is used for students to request a re-evaluation of their federal aid eligibility based on special circumstances that significantly impact the student's/family's economic situation.
  • Student Aid Eligibility Worksheet - You are receiving this form because you had a conviction for possessing or selling illegal drugs or because you left question 23 blank on your FAFSA.
  • Supplemental Household Resources - This form is used to clarify the student's and parent's annual expenses and income.
  • Verification Worksheets - These worksheet are required for students who have been selected for the verification process.

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