Online Learning

  • Online Learning

    Welcome to Erie Community College’s Online Learning Program.

    What is Online Learning?

    • Online Learning is offered in a variety of modalities: web-assisted, hybrid and fully online courses.
    • Online learning courses offer students the flexibility of completing some or all of their coursework and assignments without having to regularly attend classes on an ECC campus.
    • Online learning students have the ability to take courses at a place and time that is convenient for them.
    • Online Learning students access some or all of the course material and participate in course activities over the Internet. Students can work from any Internet connected computer to complete assignments and interact with other students and the instructor.

    To participate in an online course, students should have regular access to a computer with an Internet connection. Students should also have some familiarity with Internet use, e-mail use and file management (saving files, downloading files, attaching files to e-mail).

    What Degrees are offered online?

    Erie Community College has been approved by the New York State Education Department to offer degrees at a distance. You can find a listing of our online degrees in the Open SUNY Navigator.

    Online Bill of Rights

    The Online Learner has the right to….

    • an Online Course that clearly states the course deadlines, in a way that is easy to understand by the Online Learner.
    • an Online Course that has instructions on how to get started in the class.
    • an Online Course that is organized in a way that is easy to navigate.
    • an Online Course that will meet the same course objectives as the face-to-face modality.
    • an Online Course that has a clear statement of the grading policy and criteria of how course work and attendance will be evaluated.
    • expect, at all times, to be treated in a respectful manner by the Instructor and fellow Online Learners.
    • expect the Instructor to respond to queries within a time period that does not exceed five business days or it will be deemed excessive (three business days for summer sessions).
    • expect the Instructor to keep the grades up to date within the Online Course.
    • expect the Instructor to direct the Online Learner to the appropriate college services, when the Instructor is made aware of an issue.
    • expect the Instructor to specify grading policies and timelines in the course syllabus. 

    The Instructor has the right to expect…

    • the Online Learner to complete all assignments by the due date.
    • the Online Learner to contact the Instructor, if they need clarification on getting started, deadlines or assignments.
    • the Online Learner to seek out college services, resolve technical issues, and access services where available.
    • to be treated in a respectful manner, at all times, by the Online Learners.
    • the Online Learner to have a contingency plan to address technical difficulties.