Our mission is to provide funding by way of scholarships, capital campaigns, and workforce training partnerships, to benefit the students of SUNY Erie Community College. Our goal is to provide assistance to as many SUNY Erie Community College students as possible, ensuring finances are never a barrier for an education.

The SUNY Erie Community College Foundation continues to be strongly committed to providing a high quality, affordable education along with the services that support the needs of a diverse student body. You can help by supporting the SUNY Erie Community College Foundation’s Annual Fund. 
SUNY Erie Foundation Scholarships are now open for students to apply. Complete your General Application now and look for new opportunities to be posted in the next few weeks. Awards to be announced in the spring for 2021-2022 Academic Year distribution.
SUNY Erie Community College has more than 70,000 alumni since graduating its first class in 1949. The college understands the value of this diverse group, and providing a lasting connection to SUNY Erie is our highest priority.

Foundation Board Members 2021-2022

Mr. Mark Gaulin, Chairman
Mr. Paul Lamanna, Vice Chair
Ms. Althea Luehrsen, Secretary
Mr. James Kincaid, Treasurer
Ms. Breauna Crumpler 
Ms. Lenora Foote    
Mr. Michael Newman         
Mr. Scott Stenclik    
Mr. Thomas Ulbrich

President Erie Community College
William D. Reuter, Interim President