SUNY Erie Board of Trustees Names Dr. Adiam Tsegai Acting President

Dr. Adiam TsegaiSUNY Erie's Board of Trustees has appointed Dr. Adiam Tsegai to the position of Acting President of the college, pending SUNY System approval. Dr. Tsegai has been filling the role of Officer-in-Charge since Nov. 1 and will retain that title in addition to adding this new role, which requires the approval of the SUNY System's Board of Trustees before becoming official.

The significance of this role is that, as Acting President, she will assume and be empowered with all of the responsibilities and duties of a campus president. In addition, this title allows Dr. Tsegai to apply and be considered for the position of permanent president if she so chooses, as opposed to an interim president, which indicates an individual who is temporarily filling such a role.

"We, the board, have felt impressed by the work that has been done by [all of the college's cabinet members and leaders...]. It has been a tremendous amount of work in the last several months...but it's done so under Dr. Tsegai's leadership, and that has been noted and appreciated by the board."

The board has not yet established a timeline for the search of a permanenent president.