Online Course BluePrint


Course BluePrint allows you research your online classes before you register. You can view course syllabi and examine book costs. You can also email the instructors, if you have questions about your class.

Course Badging

Some classes at Erie Community College been designed to meet certain criteria. You will see the badge next to the course that meets that requirement, however, if the instructor changes, Erie Community College cannot guarantee the course’s badged status.

Affordable Instructional Materials

To assist students with the cost of course materials, SUNY Erie has designed a series of courses using instructional materials that are either in the public domain or cost less than $30. A course listed as AIM in the comment section of the course schedule designates that the class meets the criteria. The College cannot guarantee the class’s AIM status if there is an instructor change in the class. See all available AIM classes.

Erie Plus

Erie Plus courses have undergone a rigorous course build and/or review process to ensure that the course is easy to navigate and uses a variety of teaching methods and assessment techniques. Erie Plus courses aim to improve communication, enhance course navigation and support student success.

In addition, these courses have an embedded course mentor to assist the student with Blackboard and other technical difficulties. When available, these courses also have links to online tutoring and library resources.

Mentored Course

A Mentored Course is an online course that has a Distance Learning mentor available to help students resolve Blackboard and other technical difficulties, as well as assist students with online learning strategies