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Oracle Academy

  • Oracle Academy

    The global economy is a reality - as a technology leader, Oracle is a major player. With increased competition for jobs, the competitive bar is now raised for students preparing to enter the workforce.

    Through the Introduction to Computer Science option, the Oracle Academy offers students the opportunity to learn technology and business skills required for 21st century careers. Oracle designed this program so that it is relevant, accessible and as easy as possible for schools to implement. All of this allows schools to deliver quality technology courses, making a difference in the future of students around the world.

    Oracle Academy offers

    • project-based, hands on curriculum that gives students real world experiences
    • an online programming environment - no software downloads necessary
    • certification opportunities such as Oracle Certified Associate and SQL Certified Expert

    ECC offers

    • DA160 Oracle Programming I - Database Design
    • DA161 Oracle Programming II - SQL Programming

    (DA160 and DA161 should be taken during the same semester.)
    The SQL Expert certification exam can be taken if desired.

    • DA262 PL/SQL Programming I
    • DA263 PL/SQL Programming II

    (DA262 and DA263 can be completed in the same semester)
    The OCA certification exam can be taken to become an Oracle Certified Associate in PL/SQL.

    • DA151 Java Fundamentals
    • DA251 Java Programming

    (DA151 must be completed before taking DA251 – this will take 2 semesters)
    The OCA certification exam can be taken to become an Oracle Certified Associate in Java SE 7.

    These courses can also be used towards an Information Technology AAS degree.

  • Course Descriptions

    DA160 - Oracle Programming I (3 credit hours)
    The study of database design and conceptual modeling accomplished by analyzing various business scenarios and creating a data model, a conceptual representation of an organization's information. By analyzing the detailed data requirements of each operating unit and creating conceptual models, students learn how large, complex and dynamic organizations operate. Assignments and projects will be completed using the Oracle Corporation's database software system.

    DA161 - Oracle Programming II (3 credit hours)
    Physical implementation of conceptual database designs that were generated during the database design and modeling phase of relational database development will be addressed in this course. Physical database creation will be accomplished by using SQL, the industry-standard database programming language and implemented using the Oracle Corporation's relational database software.

    DA262 - Oracle PL/SQL Programming I (3 credit hours)
    PL/SQL, Oracle Corporation's procedural language extension to SQL will be introduced in this course. Students will learn procedural logic constructs such as variables, constants, conditional statements and iterative controls. Students will explore some of the limitations of SQL and learn why PL/SQL is needed. PL/SQL key words and definitions and appropriate usages are introduced. Students also learn about the PL/SQL block structure, the basic unit in PL/SQL. Oracle Application Express, a browser based development environment will be used for coding PL/SQL blocks.

    DA263 - Oracle PL/SQL Programming II (3 credit hours)
    The mastery of PL/SQL, a procedural language extension to SQL will be continued in this course. Students will learn more advanced PL/SQL concepts such as PL/SQL packages, dynamic SQL, database triggers used to execute code automatically, advanced data types such as user-defined record types, and multi-media file types and how to manage object dependencies. Oracle Application Express, a browser based development environment will be used for coding PL/SQL blocks.

    DA151 – Oracle Java Fundamentals (3 credit hours)
    This course engages students with little or no programming experience to create Java programs. Participants are introduced to object-oriented programming concepts, terminology, and syntax, and the steps required to create basic Java programs using the Alice, Greenfoot, and Eclipse interactive development environments. Hand-on practices figure prominently throughout this course so students can experience firsthand the power of computer programming.

    DA251 – Oracle Java Programming (3 credit hours)
    This course builds on the skills students gained in Java Fundamentals and helps them advance their Java programming skills using the Java SE7, the latest release of Java. Participants are introduced to the core application programming interfaces used to design object-oriented applications with Java. Hand-on practices and projects figure prominently throughout this course.